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Broad Institute
Harvard Business School, Executive Education
Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, Stanford University
Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity (The Hive), Claremont College
University of Pennsylvania
Brandeis University
Contemporary Art Museum Directors
Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City
Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston
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“[Hailey Group’s methodology] has been a great tool for my team to shift our mindsets. It has also made us reconsider what it means to be a leader, manage conflict, and enjoy problem solving. Dabney Hailey is such a deft and inspired instructor. She has a thorough command of Visual Thinking Strategies and passion for it.”
—Head of Design Thinking, Fidelity Investments

“I really can see how these tools will help get my team to better understandings of our work. There are often times that I make assumptions about what the data is telling us – data is really just a picture trying to tell a story. While it is hard not to share my own opinions, the story becomes much richer if I hold back and just facilitate.”
—Executive, Fidelity Investments Global Leadership Talent Program

“A really beautiful technique for looking at the world in a new way – unexpected and mind-opening.”
—Director, IDEO

“Very productive, informative, and eye-opening for our team–the three questions [we learned] ensured opinions are heard and clarity is captured. And we gave all members of our team the confidence and tools for how to facilitate going forward. Using art as a vehicle to team build was incredibly creative.”
—VP, Converse

“This workshop was a safe way to work on communication and collaboration. I found the focus on investigating art and later one of our own projects, as well as respectful listening and engaging further investigation, all powerful tools to use in bringing our group together.”
—Manager, Analysis Group

“We learned patience, valuing everyone’s opinion, digging deeper—these skills get you to places better than the surface.”
—Executive, Nike

“A nuanced understanding of how to leave space for others and honor their words without turning them into my own. And with space for inquiry, you learn even more.”
—Director, IDEO

“I thought the exercise was extremely valuable as much for the feedback from my peers. I learned a lot about how my actions/reactions were perceived, and it heightened my awareness that slight signals to others make a difference to effectiveness.”
—Executive, Fidelity Investments Global Leadership Talent Program

You shattered decades worth of hard-earned cynicism about consultants coming to corporate offsites to “add value.” You did.
—Executive, PTC

“The workshop’s effect on group collaboration and communication was fascinating and renewed my respect for other perspectives.”
—Chief Technology Officer, VersionOne Agile Software

“A demonstrably useful means of facilitating open, evidence-based discussion. Acting as a neutral facilitator was more difficult but more valuable than expected.”
—Analyst, Analysis Group

“Good tools for facilitating and keeping everyone open to inquiry. We have lots of engineers at our company, and their nature is to seek closure too soon so staying open longer and encouraging comfort with ambiguity is great.”
—Executive, PTC

“The Hailey Group sessions were excellent. They really helped to show the value of observing, thinking, and listening to understand others’ perspectives. I’m already applying the techniques in my day to day.”
—Executive, Fidelity Investments, Global Leadership Talent Program

I like the attention the process draws to how we listen, and how we might adjust our tactics and questions to elicit more collaboration and a deeper process of visual analysis.
—Director, IDEO

This exercise felt very natural (enabling folks to think/process, contribute in a safe environment, elicit more from people, make live connections, shared learning, et al).  And, the exercise enables an efficient way to understand personality profiles of those in the room.
—Executive, Fidelity Investments, Global Leadership Talent Program

“You have helped move this institution ahead by another leap.”
—Director, Education and Interpretive Programs, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

“Getting to consensus without focusing on the consensus, and taking the time to explore, fail, rule out, and evaluate—what useful experiences.”
—Product Manager, VersionOne Agile Software