Dabney Hailey

Dabney Hailey, Founder and Principal of Hailey Consulting Group, LLC, is a pioneer in the innovative use of Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) as a managerial tool within commercial enterprises and nonprofit organizations. She has led VTS discussions and trained facilitators in a range of contexts (businesses, museums, universities, and the medical world) since 2001.

Hailey is also an established curator, writer, and arts educator specializing in modern and contemporary art with over 15 years’ experience in museums and education. Prior to founding Hailey Group, she held lead curatorial positions at university art museums, including the Davis Museum at Wellesley College and the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, where she integrated VTS into courses across disciplines, from Anthropology to Business to Neuroscience to Social Policy and Management.

She received a B.A. from Hendrix College and an M.A. from Northwestern University, where she reached Ph.D. candidacy before embarking on a museum career at Northwestern’s Block Museum of Art. Prior to her graduate studies, she was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to independently study iconoclasm and public art across Eastern Europe, an experience that grounded her deep belief in the value of experiential, inquiry-based learning.

Philip Yenawine

Philip Yenawine advises and consults with Hailey Group. He is co-founder of Visual Understanding in Education (VUE), a nonprofit educational research organization that develops and studies ways of teaching visual literacy and using art to teach thinking, communication skills, and positive group dynamics. VUE’s curriculum, Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), is in use in schools and museums across the US and abroad; its applications in medical training and business contexts have multiplied recently.

Director of Education at The Museum of Modern Art from 1983-93, he also directed education programs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art earlier in his career. He was founding director of the Aspen Art Museum and consulting curator at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston. He has taught art education at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and Massachusetts College of Art. He was the George A. Miller Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois in 1996 and was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2003. He was the first educator in residence at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 2012.

Yenawine received his Masters in Art Education from Goddard College in 1979. He received the National Art Education Associations Award for Distinguished Service in 1993, among other honors. He is on the board of Art Matters, a foundation that supports contemporary artists. Yenawine is the author of How to Look at Modern Art, Key Art Terms for Beginners, six children’s books about art, and most recently, Visual Thinking Strategies: Using Art to Deepen Thinking Across School Disciplines.


All Hailey Group coaches are arts and education professionals who have received multi-year instruction in training and coaching the Visual Thinking Strategies methodology and have extensive experience putting VTS into practice.